Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 Nephi 16-18

1. "Father's tent" references here in chapter 16 bracket some marriages and God's commandment to move on.  Don't know if this is significant or not, it's not as obvious to me.

2. It's nice to see Paleo eating endorsed (17:2) (ha!).

3. I note vv. 17:12-14... when did the Lord say this?  Was it on the Liahona?  Is this a revelation Lehi received?  Hmmn.

4. Sam (or someone else) helps build the ship ("ye" in 17:19).

5. Laman and Lemuel (and Ishmael's sons?) are Deuteronomists (17:22).  Someone in Lehi's party has to be, for this strain to show up again in Sherem (as we'll discuss in December).  Nephi takes up the cudgels for the visionary men and the prophets (vv. 23-26), arguing that the law is not the important thing about Moses, his revelations were.  This is the position of the Enoch people, who thought that the Babylonian captivity was the result of the forsaking of "Wisdom" (revelation, etc.), and who were so underwhelmed by the Law of Moses that they couldn't even bring themselves to mention it in their entire corpus.  Righteousness is not obeying the Law, it is accepting Revelation (vv. 34-35).

6. Temple and temple vision imagery in vv. 39-47: the heavenly throne, covenants, the rod (1 Ne 8), the serpent (Genesis, Numbers 21 -- 2 Kgs 18:4), angel.

7. In 2:14, Lehi "confounded" and made Laman's and Lemuel's "frames" "shake" with the "power" of his exhortation.  Now in 17:52-55, Nephi does the same, with all the same words used to describe the action, so we see that Nephi has grown in stature, and is destined to assume Lehi's mantle.

8.  18:7 says that Lehi begat Jacob and Joseph, but doesn't specify that Sariah was the mother.  "Their mother" is mentioned but not named in verse 19.  Is there a verse elsewhere that clarifies that, or might Lehi have had other wives or concubines?

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  1. On the mother of Jacob and Joseph question: if Lehi had other wives or concubines, wouldn't the people who wanted to have their own wives and concubines in only a few years have used Lehi as justification? Jacob preached against the practice, so I doubt that his own father would have lived it.