Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He Is the Messenger of the Lord of Hosts

Still in Malachi.  Take a look at this terrific bit about the covenant of Levi.  A couple of comments:

First, look at what first seven says: the "priest" is "the messenger of the Lord."  "Messenger of course, is mal'ak, "angel."  Malachi ("my angel") tells us here directly what Alma shows us by repeated implication: that priests are angels, warriors in the heavenly host.

Second, the word "peace" appears twice.  Levi's covenant was one of "life and peace," and he walked with the Lord "in peace and equity."  "Peace" is the Worship of the Shalems, the peaceable followers, and "life" and "equity" are both references to the Day of Atonement / Judgment Day, on which the Lord brings judgment and resurrection.  So we have here two synonymous pairs, or really one pair, which is also synonymous with "my rock and my salvation," and a subtle reference to the two core rites of the visionary men.

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