Thursday, August 2, 2012

Broke Down the Door of the Prison

In the sequel, Corihor's son Noah imprisons Shule and plans to execute him, but Shule's sons rescue and re-enthrone him.

Shule's name and the enthronement motif are provocative.  I am reminded of Lehi and Nephi's jailbreak; they are rescued by the temple, as it were, "encircled" by fire, with mists, and a voice that comes down from above the mist.  Peter and John are similarly rescued from prison by an angel, who immediately sends them into the temple to teach.

I note also that in the oldest Isaiah materials, preserved by Nephi, the Son of the Morning, before he is cast down (into the "pit," like the Azazel-goat on the Day of Atonement), will not release his prisoners.

Why all these prison-escape stories?  Did the Worship of the Shalems include a symbolic-spiritual deliverance from captivity?

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