Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being Eleven Years Old

Why would an eleven-year-old Mormon be "carried" by his father when they move?  Was he ill, or lame?

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  1. I wondered about that-so of course I wrote up an answer in my novel.

    So far as I have researched it is not a euphamism for anything that I have come across. Maybe it is exactly what it says; his father (also named Mormon) had to literally carry him a good distance and that fatherly love moved Mormon so much, that it had to be mentioned.

    When you look at what Mormon has to say about himself it is usually vague. He has no ego (about being the greatest Nephite general of all time!) and IMAO is even self-depracting-I don't believe for a second that he was made general of their armies simply because he was large of stature-there is more to the story that he didn't tell us-because he has no ego! We learn more about the actual war conditions in Moroni 9 - a letter to his son Moroni, than we do in all the chapters he gives us leading up to Cumorah.

    So I come back to: That Mormon saw fit to include his father carrying him means that it meant an awful lot to him and was I believe literally physically true. The cause of him actually being unable to walk must have been a temporary thing.