Friday, June 1, 2012

By This Name Shall Ye Be Called

In their temple meeting, the disciples ask Christ how they should call the church.  He tells them they must take upon them his name, a requirement he identifies as being spelled out in the scriptures.  The Topical Guide on this subject (footnoted in the passage) lists various NT, BoM and D&C passages.

That's fair enough, but this notion is in the Old Testament, too, and in fact it's in the early chapters of the Book of Isaiah, the foundational charter of the underground visionary men.  After the establishment high priest is judged unworthy (there is no bread or clothing) of being a "ruler" in the "house of his father," the counterestablishment priest is anointed instead (he is chosen by the seven women who are the seven branches of the menorah, and they will provide the missing bread and clothing).  It is essential that the temple have a worthy high priest to stand in for the Lord, because the shalems need someone in whose name to be called.

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