Monday, January 14, 2013

Let Us Go On Unto Perfection

This verse is hard to understand in English.  In Greek it's also tricky, but the imagery is clearer: a literal translation of the first clause would be "therefore letting go of the word (Word?) of the dominion of Christ let us be borne upon perfection (ten teleioteta)..."

And verse two should be read "of baptisms, of teaching..."  The appearance of the word "doctrine" in both verses 1 and 2 of the KJV makes it appear that both instances translate a single underlying word, but they don't.  And I think they're a wrong insertion both times.

The imagery, though, is an exhortation to progress forward from the moment of grasping the Lord at the veil and build upon the rock.  Baptism, teaching, laying on of hands, and even judgment are identified as things that do not exist within the veil.

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  1. Satan has deceived the whole world until the woman of Rev 12 delivers the true word of God Rev 12:5. She is not a church, she is not Israel, and she is not Mary. She is the prophet like unto Moses and Elijah Matt 17:3, Acts 3:21-23, Luke 1:17 delivering the true word John 1:1 from the wilderness Rev 12:6 to prepare a people for the Lord’s return. God our Father will not put any child of his into a hell fire no matter what their sins. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer7:31, Jer 19:5. Turn your heart to the children of God. A gift is now delivered and proven to the whole world as a witness Matt 24:14. A righteous judge gathers ALL evidence before making a judgment. If you are called to know the true word- Prove all things. God chose a woman.