Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mosiah 11

1. In Lehi-Nephi, too, the King is the head of the church.

2. The description of Noah's building projects and his priests reminds me of the great and spacious building and its occupants in 1 Nephi 8.  Remember that "fine" in the KJV OT is the adjective par excellence that describes things made for use in the temple -- see it occur here three times in succession in vv. 8-10.

3. Both the various references to building in wood (vv. 8-10 again) and the vineyards in this chapter make a Mesoamerican setting challenging to accept.

4. A "fifty" as a military unit recurs (remember that Laban commanded a fifty).

5. Abinadi arrives, and will occupy center stage for the next six chapters.  Unlike Sherem, who "came among" the Nephites, Abinadi "was among" Noah's people.  This sounds to me like he was a local boy upon whom the mantle of prophecy fell.  The people try to arrest and try Abinadi once and he escapes.  Noah hardens his heart against Abinadi, like Pharaoh did against Moses.

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