Friday, December 9, 2011

Mosiah 5

1. When people cry "with one voice" four paragraphs worth of stuff (5:2-5), it isn't spontaneous.  They're being led through covenant-making language, which is how Benjamin responds to it (5:6ff).

2. Taking upon them the name of Christ is a priestly image.  The plate on the front of the high priest's turban bears the inscription QODESH L'YHWH, "Holiness to the Lord", so the high priest literally had the name of Christ, YHWH, upon him.  I think Benjamin's repeated reference to this "head" in the verse is an allusion to this.  Benjamin is turning the people of Zarahemla into a nation of priests.

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  1. I really like this reference back to QODESH L'YHWH.

    Especially when looking at the meanings of other words created from the triliteral Q-D-Sh like Kedeshah, (קדשה) and how the concepts might have played into the psychology of the times.