Friday, December 16, 2011

Mosiah 12

1. What kind of disguise is it, when he uses his own name?  Maybe it was like Catholic priests in Tudor England -- he traveled around in disguise, but revealed his identity to the faithful.  In any case, someone heard his preaching who didn't like it.

2. The furnace reference echoes interestingly in the OT: Sodom & Gomorrah, refining by affliction, and the Exodus.  This last is especially interesting in that what follows sounds a lot like the plagues of Egypt.

3. I guess the trap that Noah's priest is laying for Abinadi in vv. 20-24 is that Abinadi's message seems contrary on first reading to Isaiah.  Abinadi is not a messenger who brings good tidings.  So Abinadi has to distinguish himself from what Isaiah was saying, and the priests will be able to accuse him to denying the truth of the prophets.  Abinadi avoids the trap by not answering the question, and blasting the priests instead.

4. One of Abinadi's criticisms of the priests is that they haven't been "wise".

5. I am reminded that the LXX translation of zevach hashelamim ("the sacrifice of peace offerings") in Leviticus 7:11 is thusia soteriou, the "sacrifice of salvation".

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